The Local Security Policy Editor

The Local Security Policy editor, aka “secpol.msc” is used on any computer running Windows 2000, or XP Professional, to provide the granularity needed in tuning the operating system. It is not available for XP Home. With XP Home, you may have to use alternative products.

You can run the editor in any of several ways.

  • From Control Panel – Administrative Tools – Local Security Policy.
  • From Start – Run – “secpol.msc”.
  • From any command window, again as “secpol.msc”.

Having started the Editor, you can find the entry that you need in a branch under Security Settings.

  • Account Policies.
    • Password Policy
    • Account Lockout Policy
  • Local Policies.
    • Audit Policy
    • User Rights Assignment
    • Security Options
  • Public Key Policies.
    • Encrypting File System
  • Software Restriction Policies.
    • Security Levels
    • Additional Rules
  • IP Security Policies on Local Computer.

The names of the entries themselves are long enough to be self-explanatory.


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    The Local Security Policy Editor | PChuck\’s Network

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