Stabilise Your WiFi – Use Only One WiFi Manager

When I got my laptop, I was not at all impressed with the WiFi performance. Two or three times daily, I would have to reboot it, or the WiFi router, to get the laptop online. Compared to Ethernet, and especially compared to the other computers in my LAN, this was unacceptable.

A month after first getting the laptop, I reformatted and reloaded the operating system. As a side effect of doing that, I inventoried the WiFi manager programs, and I had 3.

  • HP – The laptop vendor.
  • Intel – The WiFi card vendor.
  • Microsoft – The operating system vendor.

As part of the effort of reloading the operating system, I realised that having three WiFi manager programs loading was not a good thing. So I carefully compared all 3 programs, and in my case, decided that the Intel WiFi manager program was the best for me.

Using Autoruns, I located and removed all startup entries for both the HP and Microsoft WiFi managers.

For the past 4 months, since I reloaded the operating system, my laptop has been rock solid reliable.

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