Either The Post, Or The Sidebar, Ends Up At The Bottom Of The Page

My Blog Is Missing! Oh no! Generally, this refers to a deleted or hijacked blog. Other times, part of the blog is there, and the other part is not. WTF?

In the latter case, neither the content nor the sidebar is actually missing. One or the other has simply slipped to the bottom of the page. Of course, it never occurs to somebody to scroll to the bottom in search of the missing content or sidebar. Why should it? It’s called a sidebar because it’s a BAR (column) that sits at the top of the page, beSIDE the column with the content (Posts). DOHH.

This is a well known problem, and most frequently afflicts Internet Explorer V6.x. When this is observed in IE V6.x, but not in other versions of IE, and / or not in Firefox or Opera, there are several known causes.

  • Check float alignment. Look in your settings, under Formatting, at “Enable float alignment”. Is it set to “Yes”? Change to “No”, Save Settings, and Republish.
  • Look in the template, at the sidebar code, for graphics, like the Blogger Power Button. Move any graphics to the bottom of the page, save the template, and republish.
  • Look more carefully in the template, at other entries in the sidebar. Look for entries with long links, or long titles. Shorten or delete any found, save the template, and republish.
  • Compare a view of the main page, with views of the individual posts. If you see the problem in all views, the problem is likely in the template. If the problem is NOT visible in even one individual post view, the problem is, most likely, in the individual posts where the problem is seen.
  • If no solution is found yet, isolate the problem. Is it in the template, or is it in one (or more) posts?
    1. Backup your template (if you haven’t done so already).
    2. Reload your template, from the standard version in the template ediitor – Pick new. Republish. If the problem goes away, skip the rest of what’s below, and work on the template.
    3. Go into the main page view of your blog, with the problem showing. This verifies that the problem is active.
    4. Select each individual post, one at a time, from the Previous Posts list. When the problem is seen in single post view, that post is a problem. Go to post edit for the post now visible, and Save as Draft.
    5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the problem is not active.
    6. Work on the posts that you Saved as Draft. Once all of the posts can be viewed properly, restore the template.

This list is probably not all-inclusive, but it may get you started. And if you come up with another cause for this problem, let me know, and I will be glad to add it to this list. And I’ll back link to your blog, if you like. This blog is for help. I’ll help if you will. BS probably won’t.

See Peter’s blog for more advice on post / sidebar alignment issues.


6 Responses to “Either The Post, Or The Sidebar, Ends Up At The Bottom Of The Page”

  1. CameraDawktor Says:

    I figured the long link problem out a long time ago. That messed me up a few times!!

  2. Chuck Says:

    The hard part is finding it. Figuring out how long is too long is not always obvious. 😦

  3. CameraDawktor Says:

    I’m so proud of myself. I just put a video in my post and it messed up my sidebar. It was 600′ or whaterver…anyway I held my breath, closed my eyes and changed it to 4oo’….voila. Sidebar is back. YEAHHHH!!!!

  4. Melissa Says:

    thanks! you fixed it!!!

  5. Princess Tamara Says:

    Thank god for your hints … I managed to fix the non-side bar problem which has been driving me nuts!

  6. ishan banga Says:

    Hmmm…thanks for sharing..
    see a good TUT on Back up And restore Blogger BLog
    see here->http://myfundoo-blog.blogspot.com/2009/09/how-to-backup-and-restore-your-bloggers.html

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