A Blogger Security Problem?

Right now, as Blogger Support fixes the ongoing external publishing problems, and the photo upload problems, there is a third problem surfacing. Blog Hijacks.

It appears that there are three issues for us to consider.

  1. Abandoning (deleting) blogs.
  2. Switching to external publishing.
  3. Security (or lack of security) on our computers.

Here are a few of the problems reported, in the forums recently. I know there are others, that I haven’t had the time to list here. And there are doubtless others, folks who don’t know about the forums.

Probably a lot of folks suffering don’t know that they are not alone. Of the 3 categories above, which one does each of the following fall under?

We need more analysis, and Blogger Support is not helping us.

Keep the Blogger Help procedures handy, for that is where you will have to start.

NOTE: A recent trick that the sploggers seem to be using is hiding the Navbar. This keeps us from using the Flag button, to prevent the splog from being truly productive. Well, you can defeat that trick!


2 Responses to “A Blogger Security Problem?”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    Ugh, my blog (jeremywahlman.blogspot.com) was hijacked, too! I have an email in to Blogger about the problem. Any word on how long (if ever?) they’ve been taking to fix things?


  2. Chuck Says:


    If memory serves me correctly, I think somebody yesterday said that he had just gotten his blog back, a week or so after he reported it.

    My bet is you’ll have to report the problem (don’t start with email), and be patient.–>

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